Jamaica Population Conference: 25-27 January 2017 in Kingston Jamaica (Conference on Population Planning for Development in Jamaica) – Prospective Panels

Jamaica Population Conference: 25-27 January 2017 in Kingston Jamaica (Conference on Population Planning for Development in Jamaica) – Prospective Panels

Population Planning for Development in Jamaica

25-27 January 2017


Prospective Panels


Panel A. Labour Issues in the Jamaican Population

  1. Internal Migration and the Jamaican Labour Force: An Examination of the 2011 Population Census

Author(s): Arlene Bailey-Wedderburn


  1. Unemployment Insurance for Jamaica: Forecasting Implementation Gains and Challenges

Author(s): Lauren Marsh, Christine Clarke and Danny Roberts


  1. Investigating Underemployment Among Employed Females In Jamaica: Evidence from the 2009 Jamaica Labour Force Survey

Author(s): Daneille Marshall-Piper and Godfrey St Bernard


Panel B. Alternative Perspectives on Fertility Regulation and the Vitality of the Family

  1. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART):  The Implications for Human Dignity, the Family and Society

Author(s): Doreen Brady-West


  1. The Impact of Education on Fertility Behaviours and Fertility Outcomes of Women in Jamaica: Evidence from the 2008 Jamaica Reproductive Health Survey

Author(s): Kerry-Ann Rennel Burris and Godfrey St Bernard


  1. The Foundational Importance of the Family in Population Planning and Sustainable Development

Author(s): Michael Coombs


  1. ‘Two is better than too many’is leaving Jamaica with too few: The Philosophy, Goals and Outcomes of Population Control Programmes

Author(s): Philippa Davies and Alexis Robinson


 Panel C. Ageing and Living Conditions of the Elderly in Jamaica

  1. The Demographic and Socio-Economic Determinants of Living Arrangements among the Elderly in Jamaica

Author(s): Ayesha Facey and Hortense Fraser


  1. Assessment of Self-Reported Health Status in the Context of an Ageing Population in Jamaica

Author(s): Denese Mc Farlane, Toni-Shae Freckleton and Collette Robinson


  1. Jamaica, the place of choice to live work and raise families; but who can afford to retire? Retirement Prospects and Realities among Jamaicans 30-80 years old

Author(s): Julian Mc Koy-Davis. Denise Eldermire-Shearer and Kenneth James


  1. What Satisfies Your Soul? Correlates of Life Satisfaction Among Older Jamaicans

Author(s): Nekehia Quashie and Godfrey St Bernard


 Panel D. Demographic Data and Implications for Population Policy in Jamaica


  1. Gender, Headship and Household Structure in Jamaica: Evidence from Household Surveys

Author(s): Richard Leach, Rachel Folkes and Mark Figueroa


  1. Civil Registration, Data Access, the Data Revolution and Human Rights: The Case of Jamaica

Author(s): English Gosse


  1. New Population Concerns for the Caribbean ahead of the 2020 Round of Censuses

Author(s): Sharon Priestley


  1. Adolescents Two Decades Later – Can We Find Them to Determine What has been their Lives’ Outcomes?

Author(s): Pauline A. Russell-Brown


Panel E. Persistent Data Challenges and Methodological Insights impacting the Quest for Sustainable Development

  1. Qualitative Methodology in Data Collection and Analysis of Human Factor Problems in the Public Service of Trinidad and Tobago

Author(s): Lionel Remy


  1. An Assessment of Jamaica’s Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems: Implications for Monitoring the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Author(s): Stacy-Ann U. Robinson


  1. Sustainable Program Management: Hierarchical Causal Systems

Author(s): Bongs Lainjo


  1. Data Deficiency and Caribbean Development: An Unresolved Dilemma

Author(s): Patrick Watson


 Panel F. Poverty and Social Inequality: Data Inputs, Predictors and Trends in the Population of Jamaica

  1. Is the Asset-Based Approach Comparable with the Consumption Expenditure Method for the Measurement of Socioeconomic Status: A Study Using the Jamaica Survey of Living Conditions

Author(s): Douglas Forbes


  1. The Socio-Demographic Predictors of Poverty among the Elderly and Children in Jamaica

Author(s): Hortense Fraser and Ayesha Facey


  1. Long-Term Poverty Trends in Jamaica – Interrogating the Contribution of the Jamaica Surveys of Living Conditions 1989-2013

Author(s): Godfrey St Bernard and Derryn Carter-Rennie


 Panel G. Empiricism, Gendered Insights and International Shocks: Implications for Sustainable Development Agendas

  1. Planning for Sustainable Development in a Small Caribbean Economy and Society – Soft Economic Statistics Versus Hard Social and Demographic Data

Author(s): Lance Busby


  1. Engendering the Sustainable Development Goals: Implications for Development Policy and Practice in Jamaica

Author(s): Leith Dunn


  1. Looking Forward: Filling the Data Gaps in the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development (SDGs)

Author(s): Yonique Lawrence-Hamilton


  1. Assessing the Implications of Brexit on the Caribbean Community’s Development Agenda in the Areas of Immigration, International Trade and Regional Security

Author(s): Alecia Bennett -Bryan


Panel H. Socio-Demographic Phenomena and their Implications for Education and Learning in Jamaica and the Wider Caribbean

  1. Holistic Education in Jamaica: Contribution of Seventh-day Adventist Educational Institutions to Educational Development: Implications for Post-2015 Development Agenda

Author(s): Susan Julia Chand and David T. Chand


  1. Elements of the Design of an ICL for Trinidad and Tobago and Other CARICOM Member States, Given their Population Trajectories

Author(s): Roger Hosein. Bhoe Tewarie and Darren Conrad


  1. Promoting Social Inclusion Through Education In An Ageing World

Author(s): Kenneth Niles


  1. Social Problems, Intellectual Functioning and Development

Author(s): A. Noel, J. Rose, C. Donald, A. Bastick, P. Wilner and Gerard Hutchinson


Panel I. Age Dynamics and the Implications for Development Planning in Jamaica and Other Caribbean States

  1. Towards an Asset-Based Model in planning for the Ageing Dividend in the Caribbean

Author(s): Cheryl-Ann Sarita Boodram


  1. Harnessing the Demographic Dividend in Jamaica

Author(s): Toni-Shae Freckleton


  1. Children in the Caribbean: An Endangered Population Cohort

Author(s): Aldrie Henry-Lee


  1. An Analysis of Age Errors in Population Census Data in Jamaica 1943 – 2011

Author(s): Samantha John-Aloye and Chukwudum Uche


Panel J. Interrogating Jamaican Spaces: Demographic, Environmental and Economic Insights

  1. Sustainable Housing in Jamaica: A Temporal Analysis of Spatial Inequalities

Author(s): Shari-Ann Henry and Godfrey St Bernard


  1. Population Dynamics, Environmental Governance and Land Use Patterns in Treasure Beach – Exploring Prospects for the Future Vitality of a Rural Community in Jamaica

Author(s): Godfrey St Bernard and Michelle Scobie


  1. The Economic Impact of Demographic Changes: The Case of Jamaica

Author(s): Samuel Indalmanie


  1. On Innovative Solutions for the Development Dilemma facing Jamaica

Author(s): Nigel Gittens


Panel K. Ontological and Epistemological Challenges facing Critical Social Development Agendas


  1. Investigating the Relationship between Persistent Poverty, Educational Attainment and Health

Author(s): Maria Wiltshire


  1. Coalition Conditions: approaches to Policy Change in the ‘Data Desert’

Author(s): Taresa Best-Downes


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